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  • Let me introduce myself; I am Shaula Overholt. My husband and I are church planters in Norfolk, Virginia and have two amazing children, Logan and Laney.

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May 20, 2007



I had to take a few days to reflect on this one. I've made a real effort to stop worrying what other people think about me, so I have to really stop and change gears to think about it. What are all those different colored grains of sand that make up my personality? Ho do people perceive me before they get to know me? From a distance (try NOT to hum Bette Midler, please) I'm probably described as happy, settled, vanilla. Pleasant, but ordinary. I think that sums it up.
Wow, that was a lot easier than coming up with the real stuff. What do I want people to see in me? Thoughtful. Childlike. Modest. Compassionate. Inventive. Leader.
What parts do I try to hide? Lots. Prideful. Whiny. Lazy. Craves attention and recognition. Manipulative. Miss Bossy-boots.
But hopefully, after people really get to know me, all that good & bad stuff blends back into the same shade of vanilla they started out with.


Beautiful and so honest, Casey. I would not describe you as ordinary. :0

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