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  • Let me introduce myself; I am Shaula Overholt. My husband and I are church planters in Norfolk, Virginia and have two amazing children, Logan and Laney.

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May 23, 2007



cool opportunity!!!

check out : its a city wide campaign to help people to volunteer in San Fransisco. no real purpose in sharing this with you, just a cool campaign i though you might find intriguing, and your post triggered the thought...


I know this isn't something we are at the point of doing yet, (finances being incredibly tight), but another church in our network cuts a check to the township every year because they realized that by them occupying the space they do and being a non-profit, they don't have to pay the taxes that normally would be collected if it were a business or a residence. They want the community to be blessed by their presence, not be losing out, so they choose to willingly make a donation every year. We'd love to eventually be able to do this same type of thing.


Ryan - Thanks for the info.

Jessi - What an intriguing idea. Very contrary to our natural instinct.



Eric Bryant

Love the donation to the city, Ryan!

We joined up with a few years ago. We were the only evangelical church to join forces with the synagogues and non-profit and now government agencies to help clean up the city. It has been a fantastic experience getting to know new friends while meeting needs.

Keep up your great work, Shaula!

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