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  • Let me introduce myself; I am Shaula Overholt. My husband and I are church planters in Norfolk, Virginia and have two amazing children, Logan and Laney.

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May 24, 2007



Isn't it so cool when something really takes root in their hearts? It's fun to see God use kids. I got a little nervous at first about the no garage sale policy (as I'm about to post the report on our church yard sale), but saw it was ok if it was for a good cause! :)


I would not say that it is wrong for people to have garage sales. It was a personal decision we made because we wouldn't have survived without hand-me-down clothes and some other generous items from friends. We feel it is important to give back. Good luck with your church's yard sale!


I actually think that's a really good/practical way to express that family value...I was really just joking. But we too have 'gotten by with a little help from our friends' in the hand-me-down's good to be part of a large family of cousins (between my 2 sisters and I there are 10 grandkids in our family)! Then there's our junk that nobody wants passed on to them...!! LOL

Amazingly, our yard sale raised about $900 yesterday towards our effort to lease a building space!

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