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January 04, 2008



Do you think it has only to do with her being female, or does part of who Hillary herself is (policies, past - the whole package)? Would it be any different if it were a different woman running? Just a random thought...


i think if someone like Elizabeth Dole ran they would have a better
chance. While I consider myself a feminist i believe Hillary (whom i met when i worked on bill's campaign) embodies exactly the type of cliche that frightens most people--the stone cold, bitchy-ness, power hungry stereotype associated with women wanting to get ahead. I am saddened that her persona seems to only further stereotypes of women in business and politics.

I further find it interesting that the 2 lead democratic candidates and dare i say leads for both parties are a woman and an African American...I have thought that a woman would fare better than a black considering the vast undercurrent of racism in our country....but he has the power of Oprah behind him, Oprah AKA the house wifes holy mother!


I e-mailed Jessi my thoughts, but then I was asked what my response was to her question by someone else. I decided I should add a comment.

Since I think it's a stretch for America to elect a female at this time, I believe a more moderate or conservative woman would fare better in an election. I guess this echoes Renee's sentiments a bit too.

I also think a woman should be on a ticket for VP first. A woman that has a realistic chance of winning and can enhance the presidential candidate's chance of winning. I am not referring to a Mondale-Ferraro ticket.

I was just discussing the election with a male friend, and he mentioned Elizabeth Dole as a great option too. Seems like she'd have some support. :)

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