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  • Let me introduce myself; I am Shaula Overholt. My husband and I are church planters in Norfolk, Virginia and have two amazing children, Logan and Laney.

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November 26, 2007



I have felt this way all my life--and I think it is related to personality type. I was an ENTP and am now, supposedly, ENFP. Regardless, I enjoy many things, enjoy taking on new challenges and rarely complete things (meaning I never become expert at much of anything). So, I always thought of this "Renaissance Man" woman that I am as a curse. UNTIL I HAD CHILDREN! Now I can bend at the knee in multi-dimensions of interest with my children. May never be "great" at any one thing, but to parent is a great calling, so may I put my best efforts into that. I think having all those interests will greatly benefit your Logan & Laney and my Logan & Teagan! Here, here and AMEN?

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