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November 24, 2007



I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Charlie Browns Christmas is at the top of my list, I also love a lot of the new Christmas Comp. cds like "Maybe this Christmas" and Sufjan Stevens Christmas stuff is pretty good. I really like the Christmas stuff Jars of Clay puts out. There's a cd called "Classic Cartoon Christmas" thats got all the classic Christmas specials music on it. Of course the traditional Bing,Sinatra,Cole, ect. are great. Low has a sweet Christmas cd, real classic lo-fi sounding.


My most favorite - for purely sentimental reasons - is an old Brenda Lee one that has Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree and other oldies songs. My mom used to have the record and would play it when we were little, so that always brings back all the wonderful memories from when I was a kid. Otherwise I like a total mix of styles (even ones I don't normally listen to) just to keep in mixed up and interesting, otherwise I get sick of it before Christmas arrives! My collection includes Swing/Big Band, orchestra, country, oldies, jazz & acapella stuff. At night after all the kids are in bed and I'm just winding down, my fav remains Kenny G. It's been a while since I got anything new though, so maybe this year it's time!


Ahhhh....Christmas Music....

I super-ditto Josh on the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. I gave copies as gifts last year =) I like the old-school stuff too - I'm a secret sucker for Crooners anyway. My guilty secret Christmas Music, though, is the Barenaked Ladies and Jewel. Don't knock it till you spin it.


I was there when Robb bought that CD! It was Roanoke, VA on a Monday night at Starbucks! =)

I don't know why I think that's so special. =)


Ben, the importance is that Robb wouldn't have been in a Starbucks if he wasn't hanging out with you.

Thanks, everybody, for the suggestions. I will gladly accept CD-Rs of all recommended music. :)


my father was in country music so we grew up with that music around, here are my hillbilly favs just to flavor the pot---
1. An Alabama Christmas: surprisingly deep refelections on the true meaning of christmas and a children's MUST called "Thistlehair the christmas Bear"
2> Granpa Jones OR Reba McIntire, The Christmas Guest--truly stirring
3) Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers Particularly "Hard Candy Christmas" it works year round
4: A Conway Twitty Christmas with guest appearances from the muppets!!!!

Now....i dare ya to go expand your horizons and check out these country gems.

Oh yeah and this morning I searched wal mart for Third Days "Christmas Sessions" they play tracks that rock my holiday spirit on klove!


that is actually mercy me not third day sorry :)

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