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August 28, 2007



Your last paragaph... I'd never thought of that before... so true! Thank you for this new insight! And thanks for linking to my blog. :) I'm glad I found you!


Good thoughts. I find myself using my hands when I pray. I also use my hands a lot when I'm talking to someone and really getting into the conversation. I'd never seen the relationship until today. Cool. I'll be more aware from now on of the times I don't use my hands when I talk to God.


I kinda interpreted it as: Prayer doesnt mean to just sit there and wait for Him to do everything. Trust God for direction, then GO.


Why do we tell people to fold their hands when they pray? When did that start?


Josh - I honestly have no idea. I'm guessing it was intended to show respect and reverence. I think most of us like it because it feels safe and restrained.


When you pray , move your feet. Help me to help you. Help yourself than I will help you.------ All of them have the same meaning. It tells you to do something for what you want.


"When you pray, move your feet" is an african proverb with direct english translation. Casey us right. The initial meaning is people often times wait for a miracle instead of help to create a miracle. Pray for the strength and direction to create the miracle rather than hoping a miracle will fall out of the sky. If the miracle does fall from the sky, you will appreciate it all the more.

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